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At the North Loop Voiceover Workshop, we take a fun, no-holds-barred approach to learning voiceover that engages students, cuts straight to the core elements, and builds a solid foundation to a successful voiceover career. If you have the willingness to learn, a great sounding voice, and can take constructive criticism from coaches that truly want to see you succeed, then these classes and workshops are for you!

Group Coaching

Individual Training

Learn voiceover in a small group setting along with other like-minded individuals in a professional recording studio by people who are involved in voiceover every day.


These active workshops emphasize learning by performing behind the microphone, and observation of others - i.e you're getting two great ways to learn!


Next beginning classes starts in June!

Learn better in a one on one setting? We offer direct one on one coaching customized to your needs.


Train at your pace and maximize time in these fifty-minute workout sessions. Allow us to create a plan of action, or choose precisely what you'd like to work toward. Either way, you'll end up with an improved skill set!



Contact us now to get started!


Our small group workshops facilitate learning through observation and performance. You'll get plenty mic time with the added benefit of learning from others. 


Get unbiased tips (and biased opinions) on professionalism, auditioning, script interpretation, pay to play sites, audio gear, and the industry at large.


 All our students receive  recorded copies of their training for self-critique and post study. 


We'll quickly email you after your workshop to let you know when your files are available. It's as easy as 1,2 mp3.   


Receive direction from professionals and guest coaches with over 25  years experience in pro-audio and voiceover.


Like any skill, voice-over takes practice to master, which is why you'll get plenty of booth time and helpful feedback.

You'll have the chance to voice single person scripts, partner on two person scripts and work on both commercial and narration copy!

Beginning Voiceover Workshop Level I

Our Beginning Voiceover Workshop Level I is geared toward those new to voice-acting and provides a basic understanding of the voiceover business and performance techniques. This combination of lecture and performance meets for two 2-hour sessions over consecutive weeks. Limited to 6 students. No Pre-requisite.


Week 1: Primarily a lecture session, you’ll gain insight into the world of voiceover by way of lecture and discussion. Time will also be spent performing behind the microphone.


Lecture and discussion topics covered include:









Week 2: A focused performance session that dives deeper into physical training with significant time spent performing single and two-person scripts behind the microphone, while receiving critical feedback to help build your skills. At class end, you'll receive recordings of your performance as well as a packet of practice scripts for further practice.


  • What your job is as a voice actor

  • What’s needed to succeed

  • Voiceover and vocal types

  • Talent expectations

  • Avenues of income

  • Financial considerations

  • Equipment and gear

  • Script interpretation

  • Voiceover trends

  • Industry pitfalls

  • Vocal health

  • Basic vocal technique

If you need help with the reservation process, use this walkthrough video to guide you through, or contact us with any questions.


Workshop dates may change or cancelled if two or less participants are signed up. We will notify you in advance and all payments will be refunded.

Photographs and video may be taken during our workshops and training, and by attending you agree that your image, recorded voice, or likeness may be used on social media sites such as, but not exclusively to YouTube, Facebook, Twitch or similar.

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