Professional Voice Over Demo Production

Anyone who wants to be a voice-actor requires a professional voice-over demo. If you think not, then you’re simply fooling yourself. A voiceover demo is a voice actor's #1 tool in getting work and it showcases your talents to prospective clients and agents. It's your entryway into making money as a voiceover professional. 


Consider this, would you personally buy a product that you can't see or haven't any idea as to what it can do? Neither will your potential clients. A professional voice over demo is like a paint swatch for your voice. It's a representation of what tonal colors you can deliver. So, show it off in the best light you can with help from the pros at Buzzcutz Audio. 


In addition to having produced numerous radio and TV ads over the last 20 years, we've helped to create stellar sounding voiceover demos that grab an agents ear and book clients.


We're not just talking sonically good either, we also mean what matters most, your performance. First, we meet with you beforehand to help develop scripts that work best for your voice and performance style.  Then during the recording session, we're right there with you providing feedback and advice to coax out those little nuances that really make a professional demo special. 


Afterward, we add music and sound effects, eq and compress, mix and master, and finally critically evaluate many playlist variations to determine which spot order sells your skills best.


In the end, It's a voiceover demo reel you can be proud of and one that gets you work. Think of it as a win-win,  because you'll love the results and so will your new clients. 


Commercial Demo - Abigail Garner
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Commercial Demo - Jake Nyberg
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Commercial Demo - Therese Walth
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Industrial Narration - Ari Prusak
00:00 / 00:00
Marketing Narration - Jim Gullickson
00:00 / 00:00
Industrial Narration - Dawn Krosnowski
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Workshop dates may change or cancelled if two or less participants are signed up. We will notify you in advance and all payments will be refunded.

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